Steve Flato


Steve Flato is a composer and guitarist from San Diego, CA. He is interested in using the wide vocabulary of sounds and techniques found in experimental music to express and process his own internal experiences. He aims to use sound as a therapeutic tool by exploring anxiety, trauma, and loss and its potential for generating personal growth and meaning. His music encompasses microtonal/just intonation electric guitar, self-generating process pieces, noisy experiments with song-form, minimal text-based scores utilizing broken electronics, clusters of tones and textures written for pipe organ and filtered white noise, and pieces of musique-concrete exploring ambience and slow movement. Flato’s other projects include the synth-heavy Sin-Wat, the industrial-leaning Starvation Time (with Jeff Williams); noise improvisation trio MANKINDA (with A.F. Jones and Nick Lesley), and a ongoing collaboration with cellist T.J. Borden. His releases have been published by Kendra Steiner Editions, Copy For Your Records, Tape Drift, and Lurker Bias. In 2017, he started producing and hosting the podcast Signifying Something, in which he interviews boundary-pushing musicians, focusing on a specific piece of their work.

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